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Rubbish ?

One of my tasks as a volunteer for a local charity is to PAT test the plug-in appliances.  This afternoon I was visiting one of the local charity shops.  The shop was packed with customers and remained so throughout my stay.  I asked the staff if this was usual and was told that it was quite normal.  They take upwards of £1000 per week which quite surprised me.  It made me think that various needs are being met by this venture. Firstly it is a local depositary for peoples “rubbish” which they have no further use for and saves them having to take it to the tip. Secondly there seems to be a great demand for the goods on sale and presumably the reasonable prices make it an attraction for those with limited means.  Thirdly it provides a much needed source of income for the local charity whose work depends very largely on voluntary donations and volunteer helpers. 

Another shop I visited was selling books.  When the books have been on display for a couple of weeks they are taken to the waste paper merchant where a very respectable price is paid for them. 

I wonder how much so-called rubbish we throw away which could be re-used if we just had the time to do something with it.  Perhaps the generation who lived through the second world war could teach us a thing or two about recycling.


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I have been having a similar conversation with a friend for several weeks now and so far we haven’t come to a conclusion to the question “What makes someone beautiful?” 

We have discussed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that we are all made in God’s image so we must all be beautiful, but also if we believe ourselves not to be beautiful does that make us right and everyone else wrong? We have also come up with many other ideas but never seem to get any further or a conclusion.

Maybe you have some thoughts on this…we would really appreciate your comments.

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London Buses

I read posts written by “The Razzler” and the latest one seems to have got people’s attention.  Why not follow the link and read all about it!  It is all about an advertising poster which will soon be launched on the side of London Buses!  The full slogan is:

 “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”.

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I have blogged before about having low self esteem and how that can affect someone.  One of my issues is/was that I was unloveable.  Well now I am having to come to terms with that not being true as I have found someone who loves me for who I am not what I could be if only I did this or that or the other.

As being in a relationship is a new (ish) experience for me I am having to learn how things are different and one of those things is going away and leaving “my man” behind. 

I have recently been away to my friends as I was a bridesmaid at her wedding.  Of course I was looking forward to the special day and sharing it with my friends but part of me wanted to be at home.  As I was leaving to go to my friends I found it really difficult to say goodbye and have to admit I got rather emotional.  Infact I had weepy moments for the next couple of days when I thought about the distance between us.

It took me by surprise that I was so affected by this but it has also made me think about how God must feel when he loses one of the people He loves.  I knew that after a few days I would be able to see my fella again and could count down the days but I guess God can’t do that.  He can just put people there to try and get His child to come back to Him but whether that person responds is out of His hands.

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As I begin typing I am not sure what to call this blog as I am not entirely sure in what direction my writings will be.

At the moment I just seem to spend my time preparing for the next thing which is coming up at the weekend.  During September as regular readers will know, we have had our Centenary Events each weekend, social and worship services.  As a church steward and worship leader I have been heavily involved each weekend.  Now that they are coming to an end, Harvest was our last event of the run of weekends and then there is Men’s Sunday in November, I am moving onto the activities which aren’t related to church.

Tomorrow I go on Brownie Holiday and so far other than shopping on line I haven’t done any preparation.  This afternoon I am frantically going to prepare the menu file which has Brownie friendly instructions on preparing all the meals.

After the holiday I have a few days to gather myself before I go away to my friends as I am being a bridesmaid at her wedding.  I am very excited about this as I have never been a bridesmaid before.  However I am not looking forward to the 7 hour journey there and then 7 hour journey back.

All the other things that I should have done over the last 2 months is also piling up on the table next to me – actually it all fell off the table because the pile got too high.  The back room is also in a mess because if anyone was coming I was instructed to tidy up and so I moved the mess into the other room – somehow I don’t think that was my mums plan when she told me to tidy up.

I suppose what I am wondering is are we really serving God properly when we don’t have enough time other than just moving from one thing to another with no thought in between?  Are we living life to our full potential?  Are we giving our full attention to things when we live life from one moment to the next?

I don’t have the answers I just know that I really ought to stop blogging and get on with the job I really should be doing.  Any thoughts and comments would be welcome.

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A friend

I was feeling a bit stressed the other day and had been telling a friend about my problems and she replied by saying that I am not alone in this.  It was a wonderfully helpful thing to say and made me feel much better straight away.  There is something so very comforting to know that one is not alone with a problem but that others want to carry some of the burden.  Of course not only was she telling me that she wanted to share my problem but that God always wants to share our problems but we need to tell Him about them first.  So often we try to put on a brave face and do things in  our own strength when the entire resources of God are at our disposal if only we would just share our problems with Him.

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For those who have lost valuable savings due to the turmoil in the financial markets I have some sympathy but it makes me ask the question “how much of our future happiness do we invest in the hope of financial gain” or at least in the hope that money will bring us happiness in the future.  Certainly financial worries are at the heart of many family breakdowns, and the breakdown of normal family life as we would know it, but is it right that happiness, contentment and peace of mind have, for many people, become inextricably linked with material possessions.  The Bible warns against this and in my view they are wise words.  It is like chasing the end of the rainbow to believe that ones problems might be solved by winning the lottery or by making a fortune on the stock market.  It is clear that the tiny minority who have found fortune have often found that with it comes an even greater craving for satisfaction and pleasure and sadly leads to drug addiction, suicides, broken relationships and  a loss of the real values in life.

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