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I was listening to the radio this morning and learned one of those bits of useless information which just makes you say “well I never knew that”.  A representative from the charity Oxfam was explaining that, for them, the most wanted and valuable items of clothing are ladies bra’s.  They are particularly difficult and costly to manufacture and there is a great demand for them in Africa.  It seems that many people are either too embarrassed to take them along or believe that they will be of no value.  So ladies – have a look and see if you have any bra’s which you no longer require.  Put them in a carrier bag and take them along to your local Oxfam shop.  If you happen to be involved in a Church then perhaps you could discreetly invite your ladies to bring them to a collection point at the Church and then take them along to Oxfam.  Perhaps you visit jumble sales. I’m sure that if you asked nicely they would give you any left over bra’s for a few coppers.


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Boathouse Brasserie

I had been told that the new Boathouse Brasserie in Rufford was a pleasant place for a meal so I decided to go along one lunchtime with my girlfriend.  When we arrived the place was almost full but we managed to sit at a table for four.  We had just begun our meals when one of the staff asked very politely if we would mind sharing our table with two other customers.  We said that we didn’t mind in the least and so along came two retired ladies. In no time at all we had begun a conversation and it soon became clear that we had much in common. It turned out that we knew some of the same people and quickly had the world sorted out. What had been simply a willingness to allow others to share our table in a busy restaurant turned out to be a pleasant conversation over a lovely meal.

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Well here I am sat at the church mouse’s computer and he has just come into the computer room in absolute hysterics! 
I asked what on earth he had been doing while trying to hoover the bathroom.  How can hoovering the bathroom cause such a commotion.
Anyway what had happened is as he hoovered he caught the end of the toilet roll in the end of the hoover pipe.  The hoover had eaten practically a full toilet roll in a matter of seconds. 
And so Church Mouse is now having to pull the toilet roll back out of the hoover and it is rather like a magician when he is pulling handkerchiefs out of his pocket,  it goes on and on and on and on!

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