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Well that is what I used to think anyway!

I have suffered with depression and this is one of the thoughts I had when in in the midst of those dark thoughts.  Why a bird? 

Well, it is free to do what it wants when it wants, it doesn’t have any worries and it can just free fly around doing not alot.  Just imagine floating over the world looking down on all that is happening below.  Just imagine having no worries.  Just imagine no responsibility – sounds good eh!

Then the other day I was out walking with Mr Mouse and his mate.  We were walking around Preston Docks.  We didn’t get very far as a canal barge was manouvering itself about so we stood and watched that but we also looked at the seagulls and pigeons.  They were sat on the bars and the wind was blowing.  They were working really hard at staying still.  We then wondered what they did to sleep – did they just go and shelter somewhere.  The no-worries life style now has worries – it’s blowing a gale, I’m freezing, where am I going to sleep?  Then I thought about the life of a bird a bit more – I guess it never knows where the next meal is coming from – again more worries.

I think I decided that in the end I don’t think I want to be a bird anymore – far too cold and wet even though the floating above the world sounds good – maybe I need to take up something like hot air ballooning instead!

Has anyone else had thoughts like this?  What have you wanted to be and why?


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