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I have just been listening to an interesting programme on the radio about children and friendship.  Apparently children are unable to develop friendships until around the age of three.  At first friendships are fleeting and best friends may change at very frequent intervals.  AS the years pass more and more is invested in the depth of friendship and so more effort and skill is required to make the friendship last as disagreements have to be worked through.  The speaker said that she had talked to children and asked them what they liked about their best friend.  The most common answer was that they were amusing and funny, then the fact that they had common interests which they could share together and, interestingly, that they felt more secure when with their friend.  It seems to me that as we become older, some of these important ingredients of successful friendship are replaced by more fleeting things such as physical appearance, and sexual performance.


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Ladyewell Shrine

I have heard and read about Ladyewell Shrine but, although I have lived in the Preston area all my life I have never visited it so I decided it was time to have a look.  The signs pointing to Ladyewell are to the East side of Preston and so I set off down a country lane, as directed. Then I had to turn off down a dead end which was little more than a farm road.  After a short distance I came to a Catholic Church with a large car park.  Several hundred yards further along the road was a house which was closed to the public at the time that I arrived but the grounds were open.  I soon came to the well which is reached down a number of stone steps.  The garden then opened onto a large lawn with wooden seats facing a wooden, glass fronted building containing a large altar.  There was seating inside and more outdoor seating for what must have been over two hundred. 

Behind the building containing the alter was a woodland walk down a series of steps which had the stations of the cross on either side.  There were several statues of Saints and the Virgin Mary and a place where candles could be lit.

Although it seemed strange to me, as a Methodist, there was certainly a sacred atmosphere about the place and it was clearly a place of pilgrimage and was obviously valued and used by both local Christians and by pilgrims from further afield.  For anyone who has not visited the place then I suggest you take a look.  If nothing else you will find peace and tranquility and perhaps feel God’s presence.

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