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Tomorrow the Brownies are doing a concert for Water Aid.  Guiding have set a challenge to all members to change the world.  And the concert is the 2nd challenge we are doing.

The first one we completed after Christmas when the Brownies collected unwanted Christmas Cards and recycled them.  We set them a challenge to see how many they could collect.  One Brownie alone collected over 7000 cards.  I’m not sure Tesco (who were collecting on behalf of the Woodland Trust) knew what hit them when Brown Owl arrived with her car bursting full of Christmas cards.

So back to tomorrows concert.  The 2nd challenge we have chosen is called “sing for change“.  The girls have learnt several sings all along the lines of water – how we use it and how others don’t have the clean water we have.  It has certainly opened my eyes.  It is the type of information you know deep down but by learning, listening to the songs and preparing a power point, it has hit me at a deeper level.

The power point is now 120 slides which as you can imagine has taken rather a long time to put together but I am sure it will al be worthwhile in the end.

And so tomorrow the girls will sing the songs that the have learnt, watch a dvd about toilets, say some prayers about water, listen to a sketch about the reflection of a girl from Nepal and a girl from the UK as well as hopefully raise lots of money for Water Aid.


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