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Church Banners 2

At the same time that we are contemplating new banners we are experimenting with a wide format printer which we have just purchased.  It is an HP Designjet 500 inkjet printer which will print up to 610mm wide and any length you choose.  I am presently experimenting with printing onto coated fabric and exposing it to our wonderful climate to see how weatherproof it might be.  It has crossed our minds that we may be able to incorporate some of the printed fabric into our banner making, although the coating tends to give it a rather stiff finish.  I will pass on my experience as the experiments progress.  It certainly seems to provide a rather more affordable alternative to purchasing ready-made posters and banners and will mean that we can be more creative without having to always be limited by the cost.


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Church Banners

I have recently been thinking a lot about making a banner for the front of the church. The purpose being to encourage people to worship, to think about the reason they are coming to church, to promote thoughts and quiet reflection.

I have to say that if you knew me you already know that me and needles don’t go well together so think I am being a bit barmy thinking about even doing this.

Our banners are fabric and hang quite high up on the front wall of the church. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any places on the web to search for ideas that are very simple. I have tried but I am obviously not using the best words to search with as I’m not having much joy.

If you know of any where please will you reply with the info?

Thank You

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