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Church Banners 4

Today we have had another banner workshop – actually my mum’s church had a day making 2 banners and me and the church mouse gate crashed but to make our banner.

We didn’t do so bad – although it seemed a very slow process!

Peter Park recently asked what exactly were we doing – that should be what were we attempting to do so I will try and explain – we are starting with a background, then leaving a small border we are mounting a patterned piece of fabric in the centre of the background.  Then on the top of that we are mounting another piece of fabric which is the same material as the background in the centre of the patterned piece …. I hope you can follow this …. then on that final piece of fabric we are putting text.  Then there will be the tabs to hang the banner with, sewing some cording on around one of the pieces of fabric, edging another of the pieces of fabric and the letters and then of course there is the folding and putting on the liner and sewing it all together.  Sounds easy eh!

Today we have tacked the shape onto all the pieces of fabric, ironed the bondaweb onto all the pieces of fabric, made cut out the letters, redrawn them on to the fabric after adding the bondaweb and then started cutting them out.  At this stage I think we are quite positive but for now we’ll just hope and pray that all will be well.


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Church Banners 3

Well, we have decided on what banner we want to create, we have been and spent a fortune on materials to make it. All we need to do now is find out how to do it.

I did attend a workshop with another church where they were making banners for their church so I do have some basic knowledge and Church Mouse also attended a banner making workshop many moons ago so he too has some basic knowledge – now we just need to get on and do it.

Watch this space and I may keep you updated on progress!

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