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I need ideas for an after lunch speaker/entertainer for adults. It really needs to contain some form of Christian message – preferably a Christmas message as it’ll be our Christmas lunch.
Due to ill health my initial plan has fallen through. I then attempted some others but due to lateness of booking they have been either booked or busy or working.
I’m looking for something lighthearted and fun that would appeal to non christians too.
Can you help? Do you know anyone who fits this description? Plllllleeeeeeaaaasssseee contact me with some ideas.


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Words and sayings

I have been very much aware of how different people respond to different sayings.

Someone this week asked me how I was and I said “Not so bad” and in a very positive way they went “Oh good, that’s great news”. Where as another person when given that response says “Not so bad, I take it that means not so good either!”

That is more like what I was feeling – not so good – but we don’t like saying that when someone asks us. I imagine that’s┬ábecause most people are just asking out of politeness rather than actually really caring for us.

I have been thinking quite a lot this week about words and how they are delivered and what meaning is intended and find it all quite interesting.

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It’s a bit busy here at the moment. We are having a new bathroom fitted so we can have a shower. Unfortunately this means that the workman keeps arriving bright and early. I’m not so bright anymore. I’m not a morning person and 2 early starts isn’t good. This morning he was here, whistling at 7.45am.
I am looking forward to the shower but really need sleep!

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