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Working loom in the 1952 Preston Guild


This loom had been manufactured by Gregson and Monk of Preston.  They wanted to display their product on a wagon but to have it weaving required the expertise of one of the local weaving mills, Taylor Brothers of Bute Mill, which is still in Essex Street but ceased to be a weaving mill many years ago.  My father, on the left, rode on the wagon and had to keep the loom weaving if at all possible.  He told me that one problem was that the shuttle had a tendency to fly out of the loom into the crowd from time to time !!!  Also, it started to rain and so he had to send runners to all the local shops to buy up all the packets of starch to sprinkle on the warp to try to dry it sufficiently to avoid the threads breaking.


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Church Christmas Tree

As promised here is a photo of our Christmas Tree resplendent in its LED lights.  We have already had messages to place on the tree but it is not too late to send messages.  If you want a message, prayer, thought, etc placing on the tree then follow the link on the earlier blog.

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