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The Brownies managed to raise enough money to sponsor some animals for 12 months.  As part of the package we were given 3 soft toys of the 3 animals we sponsored.  This means we now have 4 creatures that can go home with 4 Brownies who have earned them.  As leaders, myself, Brown Owl and Mr Owl (otherwise known as the Church Mouse) had a discussion about what sex we thought they were and whether we should have the discussion with the Brownies.  In the end we decided that maybe it was best not to go down that route and leave it to the imagination of each individual girl.  Did we do the right thing?  Who knows….only time will tell!


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I may have mentioned this before but when I went away on holiday to North Berwick, which is close to Edinburgh, I was given Pebbles to look after.  Who or what is Pebbles? you might ask.  Well this takes us back to the Brownies again.  Pebbles is a little well behaved bear which is given to a little well behaved brownie each week to take home and bring it back the following week having written up Pebbles diary explaining what Pebbles has done during the week.  This is done with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Sometimes one can imagine that poor Pebbles might just have sat on a shelf for the week.  Anyway – off we went with Pebbles in tow.  Naturally we wanted to make sure that Pebbles had plenty to talk about on his return.  I say “his” although it is by no means certain whether Pebbles is male or female.  Perhaps I should rephrase that – I am uncertain whether Pebbles is male or female –  I am quite sure that everyone else knows.

I spent the week prancing around with Pebbles perched on my camera case or on my shoulder and got about as many funny looks as I did when I was wearing my Brownie uniform with the frilly bits.  At least it allowed me to do some daft things and get away with it, like perching Pebbles on the front seat of someones precious motorbike, without asking permission.  I could see these big hairy bikers looking through the window in amazement so I didn’t hang about too long.  Then we walked into a nice tea shop and plonked Pebbles on top of a nice cake which was on the counter.  The cake had a cover on it, of course!  Tawny Owl drew the line at taking Pebbles on a speed boat.  The thought of what would happen if we had to come back and report to the Brownies that Pebbles had been lost at sea doesn’t ‘bear’ thinking about.   When we arrived home Tawny Owl put together a lovely booklet with a story and pictures of Pebbles and printed a copy for each Brownie.



Talking to a pigeon.



Sitting on the landing gear of Concord.



Riding on a tortoise.

This is just a small selection of the utterly improbably things which I found myself involved in.  Secretly though, I quite enjoyed it and I have since had some feedback from one of the parents who has really enjoyed the diary on the pretence of reading it to her daughter.

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What next ?

Went to Brownies last night.  We had a teddy bear’s picnic outside then we went back inside and proceeded to smash up a Pinata.  The girls wielded a large stick with considerable venom and destroyed the pinata fairly comprehensively.   The contents were then shared out amongst the Brownies.  At this point the Brownies showed an unreasonable amount of discontent when they were each given what had probably been a very nice  ball point pen but which had been reduced to an assortment of very colourful bits of plastic.  Perhaps it might have been obvious that having smashed up the Pinata the contents would also be smashed but anyway – you live and learn.

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Well here we are –  the day has arrived at last.  We seem to have been preparing for this for months.  The show lasts for about two hours but our bit lasts exactly sixty seconds!  It will have been worth it though because it is very unlikely that anyone taking part in this event will be present at the next one in another hundred years so we need to do the very best we can.  Just taken mum to the nursing home in Longton for the day.  I am playing the organ at Church this morning then straight onto the coach.  A quick sandwich before we arrive then help to get our group to their seats.  We then have to unpack our props and put them at the side of the arena ready for our bit.  After the event, help to move some chairs then onto the coach and away we go.  If we are lucky I might be able to get to Church for 6.30 but I somehow doubt it. Events of this scale always take longer than you expect.  Watch this space for a report of how it went.  Cannot tell you the venue at the moment in case terrorists try to high-jack a coach full of Brownies.

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The water aid concert was a huge success.  We have many positive comments on how well the Brownies sang and what a superb job they did.  The overall experience with PowerPoint images, the DVD about poo and where it goes, the prayers the Brownies wrote, the sketch reflecting on the differences between a girl in Nepal and a girl in the UK and the words of the songs obviously made an impact on those who were there as we raised £185.85 on the night and we still have sponsor money to come in.

A huge thank you to all involved and all who have supported us with monetary gifts, love and prayers.

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Tomorrow the Brownies are doing a concert for Water Aid.  Guiding have set a challenge to all members to change the world.  And the concert is the 2nd challenge we are doing.

The first one we completed after Christmas when the Brownies collected unwanted Christmas Cards and recycled them.  We set them a challenge to see how many they could collect.  One Brownie alone collected over 7000 cards.  I’m not sure Tesco (who were collecting on behalf of the Woodland Trust) knew what hit them when Brown Owl arrived with her car bursting full of Christmas cards.

So back to tomorrows concert.  The 2nd challenge we have chosen is called “sing for change“.  The girls have learnt several sings all along the lines of water – how we use it and how others don’t have the clean water we have.  It has certainly opened my eyes.  It is the type of information you know deep down but by learning, listening to the songs and preparing a power point, it has hit me at a deeper level.

The power point is now 120 slides which as you can imagine has taken rather a long time to put together but I am sure it will al be worthwhile in the end.

And so tomorrow the girls will sing the songs that the have learnt, watch a dvd about toilets, say some prayers about water, listen to a sketch about the reflection of a girl from Nepal and a girl from the UK as well as hopefully raise lots of money for Water Aid.

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As I begin typing I am not sure what to call this blog as I am not entirely sure in what direction my writings will be.

At the moment I just seem to spend my time preparing for the next thing which is coming up at the weekend.  During September as regular readers will know, we have had our Centenary Events each weekend, social and worship services.  As a church steward and worship leader I have been heavily involved each weekend.  Now that they are coming to an end, Harvest was our last event of the run of weekends and then there is Men’s Sunday in November, I am moving onto the activities which aren’t related to church.

Tomorrow I go on Brownie Holiday and so far other than shopping on line I haven’t done any preparation.  This afternoon I am frantically going to prepare the menu file which has Brownie friendly instructions on preparing all the meals.

After the holiday I have a few days to gather myself before I go away to my friends as I am being a bridesmaid at her wedding.  I am very excited about this as I have never been a bridesmaid before.  However I am not looking forward to the 7 hour journey there and then 7 hour journey back.

All the other things that I should have done over the last 2 months is also piling up on the table next to me – actually it all fell off the table because the pile got too high.  The back room is also in a mess because if anyone was coming I was instructed to tidy up and so I moved the mess into the other room – somehow I don’t think that was my mums plan when she told me to tidy up.

I suppose what I am wondering is are we really serving God properly when we don’t have enough time other than just moving from one thing to another with no thought in between?  Are we living life to our full potential?  Are we giving our full attention to things when we live life from one moment to the next?

I don’t have the answers I just know that I really ought to stop blogging and get on with the job I really should be doing.  Any thoughts and comments would be welcome.

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