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Church Banners 4

Today we have had another banner workshop – actually my mum’s church had a day making 2 banners and me and the church mouse gate crashed but to make our banner.

We didn’t do so bad – although it seemed a very slow process!

Peter Park recently asked what exactly were we doing – that should be what were we attempting to do so I will try and explain – we are starting with a background, then leaving a small border we are mounting a patterned piece of fabric in the centre of the background.  Then on the top of that we are mounting another piece of fabric which is the same material as the background in the centre of the patterned piece …. I hope you can follow this …. then on that final piece of fabric we are putting text.  Then there will be the tabs to hang the banner with, sewing some cording on around one of the pieces of fabric, edging another of the pieces of fabric and the letters and then of course there is the folding and putting on the liner and sewing it all together.  Sounds easy eh!

Today we have tacked the shape onto all the pieces of fabric, ironed the bondaweb onto all the pieces of fabric, made cut out the letters, redrawn them on to the fabric after adding the bondaweb and then started cutting them out.  At this stage I think we are quite positive but for now we’ll just hope and pray that all will be well.


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Church Banners 3

Well, we have decided on what banner we want to create, we have been and spent a fortune on materials to make it. All we need to do now is find out how to do it.

I did attend a workshop with another church where they were making banners for their church so I do have some basic knowledge and Church Mouse also attended a banner making workshop many moons ago so he too has some basic knowledge – now we just need to get on and do it.

Watch this space and I may keep you updated on progress!

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Church Banners

I have recently been thinking a lot about making a banner for the front of the church. The purpose being to encourage people to worship, to think about the reason they are coming to church, to promote thoughts and quiet reflection.

I have to say that if you knew me you already know that me and needles don’t go well together so think I am being a bit barmy thinking about even doing this.

Our banners are fabric and hang quite high up on the front wall of the church. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any places on the web to search for ideas that are very simple. I have tried but I am obviously not using the best words to search with as I’m not having much joy.

If you know of any where please will you reply with the info?

Thank You

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This old Church Mouse hasn’t had much to say about the view from the pew recently.  Some exciting things are happening, or at least they will be exciting if they happen.  Rather like the Tithebarn Project in Preston we are in danger of getting all our kicks from talking about what we could do but never actually doing anything.  I do, on this occasion, think that there is a real moving of the Spirit.  Of necessity, there will be changes in the year 2010 because some of our clergy are moving away.  This and other factors, like the ever expanding Buckshaw Village between us and Chorley have made us consider how we need to change to meet the challenges which are before us.  Various people in both South Ribble and Preston are having a similar vision of new forms of outreach to the communities which we serve.  Already, at New Longton we are launching new ventures such as the mother and toddler group which has made a very encouraging start.  “Sticky Weeds”, the coffee and gift shop which has opened next door has started a knit and natter morning on a Monday which attracts more than was expected.  The days when the Church was the centre of Village life have gone but the various problems which people face  and the help and resources which the people who make up the Church can offer are still there.  We just need to find ways of linking up the two.  God is moving in South Ribble – watch out – He might be coming to get you.

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The Church

This morning I am attending a Church service which will be the final one in that building.  The maintenance costs have reached a point where it is no longer viable to continue.

So often we say glibly that the Church is not the building, it is the people and of course that is true but to witness the emotions which that congregation has to come to terms with makes one realise that the building is a very important part of their experience of God and for many of them it has witnessed milestones in their Christian lives.  Many have been baptised and married in the building and have held funeral services for members of the family.  Some will have come to faith during a service in the Church and for almost all of them it contains memories of all kinds of special events which have remained treasured memories.  To say that it is only a building is, for them, to deny its importance in their Christian experience.   It is the task of the surrounding Churches to make sure that the needs of these people continue to be met by providing a place of welcome and friendship and a place where they can start to build for themselves a new spiritual home.

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I sneaked along to Church yesterday to see what the youth club was doing.  I’m not sure that it was a wise move.  The first thing I came across was a side room full of people throwing plates of shaving foam at a giant poster of our Minister.  There was foam nearly to the ceiling and in a wide arc around the poster but not much on the face – until a silly adult came along and cheated by stepping over the line and splatting the plate of foam right in the middle of the target ( and it wasn’t me).  Then I noticed a man outside with a barbecue.  There were clouds of smoke and flames rising but he assured me that everything was under control.  (Not too sure about that!)  It rather looked like it was a competition to see who could eat the most food.  In no time at all there was just a table of empty plates and a trail of tomato ketchup on the floor.  Next a parachute appeared (not from the sky) and the greatest fun seemed to be when everyone disappeared underneath it.  “Get knotted”, outdoor dominoes and outdoor noughts and crosses were available but the adults seemed to prefer the skipping rope.  I think it was because they could pretend to be taking part when all they were doing was holding the rope.  The grand finale was when the children were taken outside and given a row of buckets of water and sponges to throw at the poor adults who had been so good all evening.  The children soon worked out that it was much better to throw the whole bucket rather than just a sponge so it is fair to say that the poor adults were thoroughly soaked by the end, but so were most of the children.  I think that, ignoring the opinions of the adults who got wet, a good time was had by all.  It was really great to have so many adults helping and sharing in the fun and I hope we can do something like that again before too long.  Make sure you all come to the Holiday Bible Club!

Adults being silly !   Perhaps it’s an alternative form of baptism.

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Another letter has appeared in the local newspaper, the Lancashire Evening Post’ about the issue of Baptism of an infant in a Roman Catholic Church.  This is what is said:-

“I, too, am appalled at the Roman Catholic Church’s attitude to the baptising of infants whose parents are not church-goers.  What matters is the baby’s soul.
We met the same attitude towards my baby grandson because, although both his parents are RC, and married in a Catholic church, they are not regular attenders.
The priest finally relented but the incident turned others in our family away from the church.
How spiteful to discard the little soul instead of grasping the chance to nurture it”.

I can assure the writer of the letter that the spiritual salvation of the child’s soul will not be determined by whether or not it has been baptised as an infant.  She talks of grasping the chance to nurture it.  Surely the best way of nurturing the child towards a personal commitment to Christ and the Christian faith would be to bring the Child up in a Christian home.  If the parents of the child are not church-goers, as is stated, then one can only conclude that the church and church worship has little meaning for them and one has to question how committed they are as Christians.  Have they, themselves given their lives to Christ?   The writer states “what matters is the baby’s  soul”.  I would suggest that the souls of the parents are equally important and valued by God.  The best thing that they could do for the child is to become fully committed Christians themselves and then pray that their influence in the upbringing of that child will, one day, lead that child to Christ.


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