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Sounds like I have been commanded to blog!

I got a phone call the other day from a friend who had been called upon by an elderly neighbour to help because of a blocked drain.  My friend needed a lift to move a stone planter which was on top of the manhole cover.  The planter had a large conifer in it, or at least it had before the top was chopped off.  We moved the planter after some puffing and blowing and a few wispy roots could be seen coming through the drainage holes.  When we removed the manhole cover the chamber was almost full of a dense mat of roots which had reached the bottom and partially blocked the outlet pipe. 

It was soon removed and cleaned up but it illustrated rather dramatically how a tiny root can grow out of control and, if left unchecked, can bring the normal functioning of the whole household to a standstill.  Perhaps this should serve as a reminder that tiny problems, both in our family life and in the life of our Church can eventually have a major effect later on if left unresolved, sometimes with disastrous consequences.  On a positive note though, the same can be said for tiny things that we might be able to do for someone which might seem quite insignificant at the time but can have an effect quite beyond our expectation if God is blessing our actions.

While we were cleaning out the manhole it seemed that we should make a proper job of the whole thing and so I went home for a large set of draining rods and we proceeded to rod the whole length of drain from the house, through next door and on into the main road.  In the process we dislodged a toilet freshener which was stuck in the pipe.  Clearly this was a potential problem so in the end we felt that we had done a good job – beyond the call of duty one might say, but one can never say what effect that simple act of good neighbourliness might have on that gentleman.  A channel of goodwill has been created through which God can reach to the heart and change lives, and perhaps God speaks to the givers as well as the receivers in these situations.  We are all equally in need of God’s grace and forgiveness.


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