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Ladyewell Shrine

I have heard and read about Ladyewell Shrine but, although I have lived in the Preston area all my life I have never visited it so I decided it was time to have a look.  The signs pointing to Ladyewell are to the East side of Preston and so I set off down a country lane, as directed. Then I had to turn off down a dead end which was little more than a farm road.  After a short distance I came to a Catholic Church with a large car park.  Several hundred yards further along the road was a house which was closed to the public at the time that I arrived but the grounds were open.  I soon came to the well which is reached down a number of stone steps.  The garden then opened onto a large lawn with wooden seats facing a wooden, glass fronted building containing a large altar.  There was seating inside and more outdoor seating for what must have been over two hundred. 

Behind the building containing the alter was a woodland walk down a series of steps which had the stations of the cross on either side.  There were several statues of Saints and the Virgin Mary and a place where candles could be lit.

Although it seemed strange to me, as a Methodist, there was certainly a sacred atmosphere about the place and it was clearly a place of pilgrimage and was obviously valued and used by both local Christians and by pilgrims from further afield.  For anyone who has not visited the place then I suggest you take a look.  If nothing else you will find peace and tranquility and perhaps feel God’s presence.


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