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The water aid concert was a huge success.  We have many positive comments on how well the Brownies sang and what a superb job they did.  The overall experience with PowerPoint images, the DVD about poo and where it goes, the prayers the Brownies wrote, the sketch reflecting on the differences between a girl in Nepal and a girl in the UK and the words of the songs obviously made an impact on those who were there as we raised £185.85 on the night and we still have sponsor money to come in.

A huge thank you to all involved and all who have supported us with monetary gifts, love and prayers.


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Yesterday, as part of our centenary celebrations, our church hosted a “Come and Sing Messiah”.  We all met at 1pm for the first time with a guest conductor, guest soloist and guest musician. 

There were people of all abilities, me being one of those who has never sung it before and actually had only spent a week or two listening to a CD to try and pick bits up to people who had been singing it for years.  We were really pleased at the response we got with approx 75 people coming to sing!

So we spent the afternoon singing it through so a performance could be given in the evening.  In the afternoon we just managed to get through all the pieces we were going sing in time to stop for tea.

At tea time I was planning on moving from the choir into the audience because I felt a bit of a fraud really, not knowing it well enough, but thanks to friends I stayed in the choir.

People started arriving to listen and get a seat in the chapel.  The choir chatted nervously and excitedly in the fellowship room waiting to enter the chapel. And then it begun.

The sound was amazing, the atmosphere was too.  I have to say that I really enjoyed it despite my doubts and fears and being able to say that I was a part (although only a very little part) of it is a really good feeling.

Thank you to everyone who was involved, from the mad person who said they wanted to sing “The Messiah” to everyone who took part in all the planning, preparation and of course execution and not forgetting those who came to listen.  We also need to thank God for the part he played in it too and thank Him for His Son Jesus, of whom we sang about.

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Well this time last week the Holiday Bible Club was about to start.  There was anticipation, expectation, terror, excitement and all the other emotions that are flying around when something new is about to start.  I say new but our church has been holding Holiday Bible Clubs for many years but each year brings something new, new children, new theme, new leaders, new technology etc etc

We had been frantically preparing for activities – my role was the craft preparation and now it is over.  Part of me is relieved but part of me is sad.  I am relieved because I have been busy and have spent most of my waking moments at church preparing or at home preparing and there has been lots of early mornings and I am DEFINITELY not a morning person.  I am sad because I have enjoyed having something to work towards and something to focus upon,  I have spent time with people who accept me for who I am and who are positive and I have been able to share with friends whilst getting things ready.  And what’s next I ask?

Ok there is tidying up to be done and craft equipment to be sorted but when that is done what am I going to do with myself?  How am I going to spend the evenings?  Do I just go back to being alone and being with people who don’t accept me for me?  These are just my thoughts and don’t necessarily need answering. 

I have been reminded that there are people who I can talk to and people who understand how I think.  They are always there and can be called upon when needed and for this I thank the Lord.  So if you are one of those people who has been there during the last few weeks, thank you very much and may God continue to Bless you!

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