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Today I am just gonna share a few random thoughts whizzing round my head! 

  • Why is it so much easier to blog when life is naff or your feeling low?
  • Why did I only have a few hours sleep last night?
  • Why when you have to get up early can you not get to sleep?
  • Why when the sun is shining do you have loads of jobs to do inside?
  • Why when you roll over in bed (and your asleep) do you not fall off the side?  That one comes from my lack of sleep last night.  I decided I was fed up off lying the same way as I’d been there awake for several hours, that I’d put my head where my feet usually go.  When I finally did fall asleep I turned over and nearly fell off the bed cos there would normally be a wall there!
  • Why when you have prepared to stand your ground and are prepared to fight your corner does the other person just agree to what you want?
  • Why does the spell check not know the word blog?

I think that is enough whys for now?  I certainly don’t have the answers but maybe by sharing them I won’t need to have them keep going round and round in my head!


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